Active Online Backup
Small firm professionals:

Protect your business automatically. Keep your client information 100% confidential.
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Why you are safer with us:
  • Secure - Ultra-strong security protects your files. You can keep an exclusive encryption key, so no one else - vendor, employee or hacker - has access.

  • Active - Your active backup runs every day according to your schedule. Backups run without slowing down your computer or Internet connection.

  • Foolproof - Automatically backup your important information off site. You don't rely on people to rotate backups.

  • Exclusive Encryption - Strong, unbreakable, 256-bit, HIPAA compliant, end-to-end encryption protects your information. You can keep the exclusive key.
Designed for Law Offices

Ultra-secure technology guards privileged client information and work product.

Never lose a document or version! All versions of files are backed up continually based on your settings. Get any file in your backup at any time.

Accidentally delete a file? Backups of deleted files are protected.

Works for firms of all sizes. Does not slow down your PC, server and Internet connection.

Affordable for solos and small firms.

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